The Oil and Gas Industry has mixed favorability among New Mexico residents.  According to the 2017 Garrity Perception Survey, 41 percent of all residents have a favorable impression of the oil and gas industry.

Demographically, the industry enjoys its greatest support among residents 35-49 years of age, those with annual incomes between $40,000 and $60,000 and residents who have registered with the Republican Party.

Geographically, favorability of the industry is based on where resident live.  According to the scientific survey, with a 95percent level of confidence, the strongest support of the industry is in the Eastern and Northwest parts of New Mexico.  Residents living in the North Central and Albuquerque area tend to have a lower level of favorability than other parts of the state.



  • Goal – Build support for the industry and its initiatives
  • Research – Use GPS data to identify demographic and geographic areas of support
  • Research – Use the GPS data to identify news and information source accessed the most by those who support the industry.
  • Planning – Develop a six-month approach to conduct roundtable discussions and develop a grassroots advocacy plan featuring community faces and places in its execution
  • Tactic – Conduct coffee conversations in key areas and among supportive demographics and provide them information to share the good things the industry us doing.
  • Execution – News release, PSA campaign, online story telling
  • Evaluation – Perception survey gauging community approval of the industry

Favorability of the Oil & Gas Industry

  • 21%    Very Favorable
  • 20%    Favorable                  
  • 29%    Neutral
  • 12%    Unfavorable
  • 10%    Very Unfavorable
  • 8%      Don’t Know Won’t Say