5 Ways PR Pros can Use Facebook Stories for Their Customers

Facebook launched a new addition to their app called “Stories”.  Sound familiar? This was a feature introduced by Snapchat and then adopted by Instagram (owned by Facebook). Here are five ways Facebook Stories can benefit your company:


1) More reach than with Instagram or Snapchat

            Facebook has over 467 million users which is more than Instagram and Snapchat combined. That means that these stories have the potential to hit a bigger market.


2) Showing off all aspects of your company in one place

            Having a business page is important for updates and audience engagement.  The Facebook Live feature helps capture your company’s authenticity while stories have been able to capture culture and values behind your business.  Now, you can capture all aspects on one platform.


3) Constant updates from behind the scenes

            If you’re launching a new product, an event or a sale, posting to Stories can give people minute by minute updates in a strategic approach (as opposed to raw and authentic through Facebook live).  Facebook live is a constant stream but the new stories feature will be able to show snapshots that can be strategically posted by the company.


4) Real Time Marketing

You can release special promotions, sales, and announcements without cluttering your profile or other people’s news feeds.  The interested customers will watch the story and uninterested individuals will not have to worry about hiding constant updates from their news feed.


5) Higher Visibility

            People don’t always see your brand when you are posting a live video or posting a status since Facebook algorithms  came into play.  Stories are in chronological order, the more frequent you post to stories, the more relevant you will stay on Facebook and in your customers’ minds.


As a Public Relations company, The Garrity Group sees every new social update as an additional outlet for our clients’ success.  Facebook Stories has the potential to be very impactful, but ultimately it is up to the users to decide. 


About Lexi Palmer:


Lexi Palmer is the Digital Media Account Executive at The Garrity Group.  She is fascinated by all aspects of communication, including face to face and social media.  Read more about her at www.thegirlthatdid.com