MESA Attracts News Apprentices with Integrated Campaign

Challenge: In order to promote the building trades, generate more interest in apprentice programs and promote membership to respective unions, MESA partnered with The Garrity Group to execute an integrated communication and public relations strategy.

Solution: The Garrity Group developed an outreach plan than included news releases, media alerts and op-ed pieces, letters to school counselors and career advisors, participation in trade shows and career fairs, podcasts and blogs, public school discussions, higher education department discussions, a targeted advertising campaign and development of the Trade Up website.

Results: After a one-year research and planning phase and one-year execution phase MESA benefitted from:

  • A 10 percent increase of inquiries and applications for the apprenticeship program
  • Establishment of a career pathways program with articulation from K-12 to community colleges
  • 740 applications for specific trades
  • Increased state-wide awareness among elected leaders, school counselors and affinity groups (via over 30 presentations coordinated by The Garrity Group)