Amazon just quietly released an Amazon Influencer program.  This program is by invitation only but if you are accepted you can earn fees for driving your audience, through a personalized URL, to Amazon’s website and getting them to purchase what you are promoting. 


As social media becomes more prominent in our everyday lives, brand influencers become more in demand than ever before. $255 Million is spent on influencer marketing through Instagram every month!


Although some people can’t see the immediate value of hiring influencers, there are many benefits in using specific people instead of traditional advertising. Here are 5 benefits of brand influencers:


  1. Influencers provide a sense of credibility to a brand that people trust more than traditional advertising. 
    1. Targeting millennials and younger generations can be tough. Studies show that they are not fans of traditional advertising and as a millennial myself, I can vouch for that.
  2. Influencers are more effective than traditional advertising when targeting millennials
    1. Millennials trust their friends and word-of-mouth more than an advertising campaign.  They will go to their social networks to see what people are already saying about your product before they go directly to you or your website.
  3. Influencers are the new celebrity endorsements
    1. People are less likely to buy when they know the ‘advertiser’ is a paid endorsement.  Brand influencers are a more credible approach.
  4. Influencers can reach unreachable customers
    1. More and more studies are showing that most customers use some type of ad block technology.  That means your traditional ads are not as effective as they used to be.
  5. Influencers support your SEO
    1. Google knows when people are talking about your brand. Having more people commenting, sharing, posting, tweeting, etc. will help boost your SEO against your competitors.


As technology advances, PR professionals must keep pace.  Although brand influencers may not be beneficial to all companies, they can certainly provide relevant ones a high return on investment.  Garrity PR focuses on finding that perfect fit for every single client.



About Lexi Palmer:

Lexi Palmer is the Digital Media Account Executive at The Garrity Group.  She is fascinated by the way that people interact with each other and social media.  Read more about her at