2017 Case Study


Background: Valley View Villas is a student housing complex located in Albuquerque and professionally managed by Pierce Education Properties (PEP). Under previous management, the facility had some unfavorable media coverage.  

Challenge: The Garrity Group was engaged by PEP to reintroduce the new branding and management for Valley View Villas. The firm develop a strategy, media cascade (to facilitate reporter inquiries) and supported online and digital and word of mouth reviews as they worked to enforce new policies and procedures for the property. The negative perceptions, generated during the previous ownership group, was negatively affecting the occupancy rate under the new management.

Solution: The Garrity Group provided a new narrative and key messaging for the property, under its new management. The firm’s strategic approach resulted in the new narrative being shared through newly established owned/digital media. The firm worked with Valley View Villas management to share resident video testimonials promoting why Valley View Villas was their first choice for housing. These videos were created to be hosted on the organization’s website and shared to their social media. The firm also facilitated key opinon leader meetings with the University of New Mexico Dean of Students as well as other influencers to share the Valley View Villas story.  The result included the residential loving area attaining a 95% occupancy in a three month period.